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Project Update 1

Hello everyone,

I wanted to provide a quick update on the project so far. As of now, we have a rough draft of what this product will look like. Between the wireframing, the prototyping, and the social media, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes!

Currently, the project has gained the support of several larger companies, and many people are beginning to express interest!

So down to the details. The database will be designed to host information about these freshwater species with the intent of bettering their care in captivity. Freshwater fish often do not get the same level of recognition as saltwater fish. They aren't always as colorful or as interesting, and they're relatively unknown. For example, building a dam can cause several localities of a species to go extinct without anyone even noticing.

This is where hobbyists come into play. Many fish are also too dull or shy to draw the attention of the public, but there will always be a handful of people interested in keeping a small, brown fish from the middle of nowhere. However, these hobbyists are frequently excluded from official conservation efforts due to the genetic quality that has to be maintained to keep the species healthy. This database will not only provide information to keep these species more successfully, but will also help connect conservation efforts to maintain genetic diversity and good habits.

Along with the database itself, Lily Ichthyology has also been working on interviews with organizations that would use the database. Several have mentioned that communication is difficult between organizations, and the secret to succeeding with a species can take years to travel to other places. Additionally, the social media page will hopefully help raise interest in helping these species, even for people not involved in the hobby.

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